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Build your Decision-Making AI Copilot Faster than ever

Delight your enterprise accounts with instant answers & insights from their business data

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Building a production-grade AI Copilot takes months

Balancing accuracy, latency, and costs is a nightmare and you are
racing against time for the launch

Poor Accuracy due to LLM Hallucination
Navigating Unsemantic Data Schema
Never-ending Latency
Lack of Company-specific Context
Risk of Privacy Lapse
Copilot in Action

Take your customers from Intent to Action in Seconds

Delight your customers with the ability to ask questions about their data, or 
get proactive insights and execute actions on any platform

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User asks a question to our agents in simple english and gets output in smart insights and visualisation formats.


Our advanced LLMs automatically detects & generates all your proactive insights.


Our advanced LLMs automatically detects & priortize & executes action for you.


Why build from scratch when you have Crux?

Building a Copilot that can make decisions is a specialized job. Crux does all the heavy-lifting 
so that you can focus on growing your business and product.

Unmatched Accuracy

Our task-specific agents perform like a
deterministic model

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API-first approach

To help you fully control your
customer's experience

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Customize like it's your own

Bring your business logic, internal lingo,
or querying rulebook

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Superfast Onboarding

No matter how unsemantic or complex
your database is

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Decision-making, not text-to-SQL

Designed to help you make decisions,
not just generate SQL queries

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Cost Optimization

Creates Semantic Layer over large & complex databases

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Trusted by technology leaders in enterprises and startups

Fastest growing AI Startup
Ad- tech
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Vikas Mishra
Chief Technology Officer, Pixis

“Crux has enabled our CSMs to significantly reduce the TAT for ad-hoc reporting requests. We are impressed by their ability to start delivering accurate results within hours of onboarding.”

Fastest growing AI Startup
Pharma SaaS
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Mustaq Singh
Co-founder and CPO, Leucine

“Crux has given us a competitive edge in the pharmaceutical industry. Our ability to provide real-time insights to our clients has led to significant upsell opportunities. Crux is a game-changer for us”

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Crux FAQ

We're here to answer all your questions.

How is Crux different from other text-to-SQL companies?

Crux focuses on Decision-making and Building hypotheses over recovered data instead of just query generation. It offers features like pre-built agents, customization with business logic and internal lingo, and integration flexibility.

Can LLMs do unbiased data analysis?

Yes, schedule a demo with us and see it for yourself!

Do I need coding or data analytics skills to use Crux?

No prerequisite skills required! Based on past experiences, even the non-technical folks on your team will be using the full power of the Crux within minutes.

How are you handling Privacy Concerns?

Our approach includes strictly using metadata, ensuring on-premise data processing for heightened security, and implementing stringent access controls. These practices, along with our commitment to transparency and ongoing improvements, are at the core of our privacy-first policy.

Outpace your competitors

Crux helps you stay ahead of the pack with the best-in-class AI Copilots.

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