Seed Round Announcement

Himank Jain
February 8, 2024

Funding Announcement

We are delighted to announce our $2.6M seed round led by Emergent Ventures, with participation from Y Combinator and Neon Fund. This includes early backers like First Cheque and other investors.

Crux is privileged to have been backed by industry veterans in product & technology like Tej Redkar (CPTO - SumoLogic), Karthik Ramamoorthy (SVP, Products & GM - Zuora), Aayush Phumbra (Co-founder - Chegg), Krishna Mehra (Director of Engineering - Meta) among others.

The seed of Crux was planted way back in 2019 when the three of us (Prabhat, Atharva, and Himank) were part of Mood Indigo’s core team while studying at IIT Bombay. We just loved building products that could automate everything from concert passes, room allocation for visitors and whatnot. The feeling of having people use what you’ve built and find their lives a tiny bit easier was ecstatic.

3 years and about 15 pivots later, here we are - laying the seed for a journey in which we aspire to change the way organizations make decisions. We envision a world in which every organization in the world has access to the power of such decision-making that exceeds human capabilities.

While working with the Analytics and ML/AI teams at large orgs, we witnessed the gap between users and data-backed intelligence first-hand. The BI 1.0 stack in these orgs helps them build beautiful dashboards. Then the BI 2.0 stack came along which made it even easier to build dashboards. But these tools still require humans to do all the heavy lifting i.e. spot anomalies, come up with hypotheses, and build a narrative.

With Crux, we aim to fundamentally attack this problem at its roots. With assistance from LLMs as well as traditional deterministic models, we are creating a Decision-Making AI Copilot for Enterprises. This Copilot will be fully aware of your business context, preferences, KPIs, and macro-trends and will take you from Intent to Action in merely seconds.

The first step in this journey is the ability for every user to talk to their data as if they were talking to a human and uncover insights that they would spend days finding and comprehending. To that end, we are helping SaaS teams embed such an AI Copilot in their product for their customers & CS teams.

We are fortunate to have received the backing of our team members and families who have believed in us even in difficult times, our customers who bet on a new team like us with their most critical problems, and our investors who trusted in our gut throughout the pivots.

We aspire to continue working tirelessly on the problem and delivering impact to the best of our capabilities.

Team Crux

Himank, Atharva, and Prabhat

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